Below is a list of resources that provide information on Indiana State Standing Committees for 2017. Click on bulleted categories to access committee information.

[Standing Committees]                                                                               
2017 First Regular Session

House | Senate


House of Representatives                                   

Courts and Criminal Code                           Education

Elections and Apportionment                     Employment, Labor and Pensions

Environmental Affairs                                  Family, Children and Human Affairs

Financial Institutions                                   Rules and Legislative Procedures

Government and Regulatory Reform         Insurance

Judiciary                                                       Local Government

Natural Resources                                       Public Health

Public Policy                                                Roads and Transportation

Statutory Committee on Ethics                  Utilities and Energy

Veterans Affairs and Public Safety

Select Committee on Government Reduction

Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development

Statutory Committee on Interstate and International Cooperation



   Agriculture and Natural Resources                      Appropriations

Civil Law                                                                   Corrections & Criminal Law

Corrections Subcommittee                                    Criminal Law Subcommittee

Education and Career Development                      Elections

Environmental Affairs                                             Ethics

Financial Institutions                                              Health and Provider Services

Insurance                                                                 Joint Rules

Judiciary                                                                  Local Government

  Public Health Subcommittee                                   Pensions and Labor

Provider Services Subcommittee                          Public Policy

Public Safety Subcommittee                                 Tax and Fiscal Policy

Rules and Legislative Procedure                           Utilities

Transportation Subcommittee

Commerce, Economic Development & Technology

Probate Code and Trusts Subcommittee

Homeland Security, Transportation and Veterans Affairs

Courts and Juvenile Justice Subcommittee




The following is a list of other popular public resources that provide additional information. Stay informed. Click on bulleted categories to access information from these websites.




Federal Government
  US Senate -------------------------------
  House of Representatives -----------
  White House -----------------------------


Indiana State Government
  Indiana State Government -----------
  Indiana General Assembly -----------

Hamilton County Government
  Hamilton County Government --------


Local Party Groups:
  The Constitutional Patriots
  Freedom Connector: --------------------


Other Sites:
  US Debt Clock --------------------------

  CATO Institute---------------------------- 
  Citizens Against Gov't Wste----------
  The Drudge Report: --------------------
Big Government: ------------------------

  Fox News: --------------------------------
  Heritage Foundation: ------------------
Real Clear Politics:--------------------

  The Blaze: --------------------------------
 FreedomWorks Website --------------

  Voices of America ----------------------
  Center for Indiviual freedom

Second Amendment sites:
  Gun Owners of America ---------------
  Oath Keepers (Police/Military) ------


Informational Sites:
  The federalist papers -------------------
  The US Constitution ---------------------
  Common Sense -------------------------